Stuart Grieve

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Stuart Grieve is a computational geomorphologist, specialising in the development and application of computational methods that integrate remote sensing, field data and numerical modelling to answer questions about the nature of planetary surface change.

Stuart’s current research covers three main themes: Planetary surface processes, focusing on the evolution of landforms on Mars; vegetation-landscape interactions, with a focus on how trees and their roots modulate sediment transport and landsliding; and the intersection of humans, the climate crisis and landscapes with the aim of understanding the erosion of contaminated land and the fate of eroded contaminants such as microplastics. He approaches these themes from a computational perspective, integrating his software engineering background into the scientific process to develop robust and reproducible scientific workflows. Away from academia his interests include cuesports, vegan junk food, and writing about himself in the third person.

Stuart is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Queen Mary University of London, a Co-I on Emily Lines’ UKRI FLF project, and co-supervisor of Will Flynn and Matt Allen. He received his PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, and prior to joining Queen Mary he worked as Research Software Engineer at University College London, working on global analyses of river networks, cuneiform tablets, and 3D scans of eyeballs.