Adam Noach

PhD Project: The forgotten forests: remote sensing and predictive modelling to understand the structure, function and future of wet woodlands. Funding: C-CLEAR NERC DTP. Supervisors: Emily Lines, Alice Milner (Royal Holloway University of London) & Andy Baird (University of Leeds).

I am a PhD student in Computational Ecology broadly interested in environmentally impactful applications of AI to remote sensing data. Before starting my PhD I undertook a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence, both at the University of Edinburgh.

My PhD project involves researching peat-forming wet woodlands to inform policymaking and stakeholder action for them. Once extensive across the UK, wet woodlands are now rare and understudied ecosystems that may have a key role to play in nature-based solutions for carbon capture. The project will investigate their ecological dynamics as unique ecosystems, update estimates of their current and potential spatial extent and explore their potential for flood mitigation. This involves collecting and analysing high- and low-resolution remote sensing data (LiDAR, hyperspectral photogrammetry from TLS, drone and satellite) using AI and other modern data science methods to directly inform ecosystem management, and explore their potential role in mitigating anthropogenic environmental change.  

I am a member of the Wet Woodlands Research Network and an AI4ER CDT aligned PhD student.